n March, we started a brand new program to share time & space, make sure “everybody eats,” and practice community care. 7 people came to the first monthly Cafecito, and 7 more came to the first monthly Family Dinner. We are grateful to Caje Coffee on Haley Street and Blue Owl on Canon Perdido Street for their hospitality and support for our community.

Once a month, we select a single weekend and a new set of venues and pay for 15 coffees, teas, or espresso drinks in our Saturday Morning Cafecitos, and cover the cost of 15 meals in our Sunday Family Dinners.

When we think about community care, it is often in the small acts of generosity and kindness for people around us. Sitting with someone to take up time & space is care. Making sure they have a coffee as a treat is care. Providing food and nourishment is care.

Whether because they are going through tough times, whether money is tight, or even if people are feeling the weight of isolation, this program is designed to be low impact, simple, carry no pretense, and improve our collective mental health outcomes in small interventions of care.

In April, we shifted to Del Pueblo Cafe on Hollister for our Saturday Morning Cafecito, and Taqueria La Unica for out Sunday Family Dinner. If you run a cafe or a restaurant and want to invite us to share community, let us know on our Instagram @couchesandblueprints