n March of 2019, we were inspired to produce, “QT-Con: QTPoC Reflections in Comics” once again in partnership with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This would be the very first QTCON event (Q and T for Queer & Trans; pronounced “cutie-con”) focused on fandoms across comic book, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and other fandoms and media. 

With a giant order of Popeye’s to serve the 60+ people in attendance, we held space on the 3rd Floor of SFAF’s Strut building overlooking Castro Street. 

Our panel conversation was moderated by San Francisco artist and creative Diego Gomez (@designnurd). The panel featured writer & author Gabby Rivera (@quirkyrican), artist Kevin Wada (@kevwada), artist, writer, and professor Trinidad Escobar (website), and artist Lawrence Lindell (@lawrencelindell). 

The conversation took us on a journey through experiences with independent and major publishers, different kinds of comics and media, and how they shaped stories and character designs that are both inclusive and authentic to the varied experiences in our communities. Capped by a meet & greet and our own mini artist alley, we connected artists, fans, and community members to create something new. 

It was all the motivation we needed to bring back QTCON in the years to come.