n 2023, we finally brought our style of comic-con to Southern California. We were grateful to be welcomed by the amazing staff at Mickey’s West Hollywood to host our drag cosplay show, “Queer the Fandom” during Pride Month.

A packed happy-hour crowd brought applause, cheers, and fistfulls of $1 bills for this superteam of performers. Marta BeatChu played host to Melissa Befierce, Kyra Jeté, and the Bay Area’s own Tila Pia in one of the most dynamic shows we have ever been part of.

To add to our merch table, the folks at DC sent us free copies of their Pride Month books to hand out free to QTCON WeHo guests.

We had so much fun making this space for community. And we think we can do more QTCON by continuing to branch out in the future — where to next?