n Thursday, November 24th, 2022, we created a Kickback for queer folks and our allies in Santa Barbara, CA. We wanted to create a space where our community could feel safe, comforted, and cared for. Not everyone has a place to go on a holiday; not everyone wants to be at home with their families; and some of us just want some time with community.

It was amazing. Said by more than a few: “After the news of last weekend, I needed community. I needed this.” Another consistent theme in the feedback we heard: “We don’t have anything like this here.”

That represents needs met. It represents affirmation of our work, but also, and more importantly, an affirmation of who we are as a community. And more than 25 people showed up to what we offered: free food, free drink, and music all afternoon. Different folks, different universes, all colliding in the same space.

On a day when many of us can feel alone, unseen, frustrated by family, and in need of queer community, we shared what we could. We sat together, we smiled together, we took up time & space together.

When we put out the call for support on Instagram back in October, we asked folks to help us raise $1,600 so we can give folks a place to go on Thanksgiving Day. In less than 9 hours, we raised more than $3,600. That meant we would be able to do two Kickbacks to end the year. And we look forward to doing this again on December 25th. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to find out more.

Our partners for this Kickback: Crush Bar & Tap, Los Agaves, Crushcakes & Cafe