ast November, we coproduced and cohosted a collaborative event for Black queer & trans people during AfroTech—9,000 Black technologists were in Oakland for the conference. Color Bloq’s role was to help connect the broader Black queer community with this space funded by diversity teams at three tech companies—Unity Technologies, Abstract, and Instrument. One of the first things we did was bring in Dannie, Asha, and Dejuan from Good VBZ—there was no other thought in our minds about who to include. But we also reached out to Imani Sims at RADAR Productions to be our emcee; educator, activist, and organizer Kin Folkz of Spectrum Queer Media to be our keynote speaker; and dozens more people in the local community to come and share space. As a collective of five organizations that normally spend zero time together, we created something great, and a first for AfroTech. 300 people came to our outdoor event. This was important for Color Bloq because it is a core part of our mission: we celebrate our joy. With music, dancing, laughs, smiles, hugs, and nods of validation and understanding, the night was a rousing success. And we will do it again. (Poster by Guerrilla Davis)