Color Bloq is a nonprofit organization building a community of Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPoC) through a literary publication, and cultural & educational events. It is our mission to curate safe(r) spaces where we elevate our issues, our culture, our excellence, and our joy.


WE AIM TO BUILD COMMUNITY. Color Bloq elevates QTPOC community within our organization, and elevates the community of QTPOC organizations that we are a part of. We believe that we are more than our trauma; we dare to joy.

It is our opinion, on all channels, through all content, and in all spaces, that we will not engage in oppression, shaming, or harmful phobias of any kind. We are inclusive, open, and understanding, and aim to be accessible to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, ability, and more. In short, empathy reigns.

We do not share problematic debate or opinion for the sake of debate; we do not believe that all opinions—especially those that are uninformed, and those that wish to discuss the merits of bigotry and oppression—contribute value to discourse in the QTPoC community. We do not find benefit to our communities in faux objectivity and "both sides" debates. On the contrary, those opinions that defend, empower, and elevate our communities are those we share.

Our work is not based on complaints and constant grievances. The ongoing banality of daily politics is not our muse. Our awareness of whiteness and masculinity does not mean white men are the center of our discussions. We aim to bring you a safe and familiar space to center the needs and experiences of our community. We aim to talk freely to us, in ways that speak to us, in the language we made for us.


Color Bloq is a fiscally sponsored project of The Praxis Project, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Fiscal sponsorship does not mean we receive funding from Praxis. Rather, it is a relationship that allows us to receive administrative support and operate as a legal nonprofit.