Each publication is composed of multiple works, a quilted narrative of art, scholarship, and community knowledge that combine to form a cohesive whole, a collection built from a group of QTPoC writers and creatives around a central theme. Our editorial staff make selections from an open-pitch process; we publish every quarter. You can find pitch guidelines and other details by clicking on the link below.

VISUAL ARTS submissions OPEN September 25

Our November theme is ARMOR: Celebrating Fashion, Couture, and the Style Journeys of Queer & Trans People of Color. For this collection, we want to focus on the brilliant creatives who shape fashion in our community, and discuss the vibrant styles we wear to declare our presence and power to the rest of the world. We invite QTPOC to explore these topics through lived experience, research, and expertise in the worlds of fashion and style.

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These articles focus on history; social, cultural, and/or political context; reporting and analysis; or deep study into a singular topic. We are looking for nonfiction essays/articles/critiques ranging from 1200-2000 words.


Personal essays are first-person stories by individuals on their own lived experiences and relationships to the thematic topic. We are looking for personal essays ranging from 600-800 words.


These include, but are not limited to: interviews, reviews, roundtables, experimental mixed-format (i.e. photo essays), multi-person collaborations, and more.


The Visual Arts Feature is traditionally an interview with the featured Artist, and up to 12 images or photos of the Artist; we also accept Alternative Formats submissions for Visual Arts.



These are our upcoming themes:

August | RED: QTPoC in the South, Red States, and Non-Urban Communities

November | ARMOR: Celebrating Fashion, Couture, and the Style Journeys of Queer & Trans People of Color

February 2020 | TBD

May 2020 | TBD



Color Bloq pays our contributors with money raised through our Donate page. 100% of these community donations goes directly to our writers, artists, and creatives. Our current compensation rates are below:


Nonfiction Articles/Essays: up to $500 each.

Personal Essays: $200. 

Visual Artist Features: up to $400 each.

Alternative Formats: up to $500 each; varies per content type.